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Rainy and Sunny Activities in Macclesfield -
Nether Alderley Mill activity header

Nether Alderley Mill, Macclesfield

Nether Alderley Mill
This 15th Century Watermill offers guided tours, showing how Mills have turned wheat into flour to make bread for villagers in Nether Alderley, the names of the previous Millers found in the graffiti on the walls, the impressive Millstone itself that weighs over a ton, the mill pond that was used to power the wheel, the 20th century waterwheels, and the kiln used to dry the grain. Take a truly immersive step back into the past at Nether Alderley Mill in Macclesfield.

website: go to Nether Alderley Mill website

tel: 03448001895

address: Nether Alderley Mill, Congleton Rd, Nether Alderley, Macclesfield. SK10 4TW.

on the map: directions to Nether Alderley Mill

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Hare Hill activity header

Hare Hill, Macclesfield

Hare Hill
Hare Hill has a beautiful walled garden with a croquet lawn, with stunning flora and fauna, which is ideal for family walks in warmer weather, with ample parking and access, this national trust garden is well known for its colourful Rhododendrons and Azaleas, as well as its wonderful hare carvings. The main feature of the garden is the collection of over fifty hollies, including the rare Highclere Holly. The garden is open to the public at advertised times; there is an admission charge.

website: go to Hare Hill website

tel: 01625584412

address: Hare Hall, Prestbury Rd, Over Alderley, Macclesfield.SK10 4PY.

on the map: directions to Hare Hill

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Jodrell Bank Observatory activity header

Jodrell Bank Observatory, Macclesfield

Jodrell Bank Observatory
Begin your journey of space exploration in the Planet Pavilion, exploring our place in the universe, our solar system and the milky way, using interactive games to make the experience more fun and memorable. Next the Space Pavilion demonstrates how the Radio Telescopes present on the site, are used to learn more about distant objects in space. There is a great deal to do and see here, all of which will expand your knowledge of the Universe. Add to this the Star Pavilion, stunning gardens & cafe, and you are sure to leave here happier and wiser.

website: go to Jodrell Bank Observatory website

tel: 01477571766

address: Jodrell Bank Observatory, The University of Manchester, Macclesfield. SK11 9DL.

on the map: directions to Jodrell Bank Observatory

activity suits any weather child friendly activity wheel chair friendly activity

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